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Amazonian Tribe Seizes Military Helicopter And Takes Government Officials Hostage After Oil Spill

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Protests: A woman painted in black screams as dozens of activists gather in front of Petroperu HQ

Global Corporate Oil has spilled in the Amazon… and an Amazonian tribe in Peru has decided to speak loudly with action.  The tribe held at least eight public officials in response to their tribal land, food, and water ways being polluted.  All over the world, corporate greed is seeking ways to suck out the oil and minerals from below the earth’s crust. The corporations are legally classified as an “individual” and given the same rights as a person.  But, a corporation is not human… and holds nor morals.  

Being closer to the natural world where the stupid legal logic of corporate individualism doesn’t exist, tribal leaders in the amazon are seeking to bring a spotlight to the total destruction being done by the greedy capitalists and their corporation’s unmoral actions against the people and the planet.

The Wampis Community Of Mayuriaga Stage A Protest

According to Reuters,  the tribe actually seized a military helicopter, capturing multiple crew members along with other government officials. The hostages include three oil company executives, four government regulatory officials and a specialist with the energy and mines ministry.

The Peruvian Air Force said in a press release after the incident that the hostages “were being treated adequately and are in perfect shape, as is the helicopter.”

Among many demands, the Tribe insisted that they were left out of a clean-up plan that was associated with the spill.

Petroperu Damages Mayuriaga Tribal Living

Over a month ago, in Mayuriaga, Peru, multiple oil pipelines ruptured and spilled over 3,000 barrels of oil into the wilderness. As with most oil spills, both the government and the corporation responsible have been slow to clean up the mess.

However, many Amazonian tribes are forced to live in the mess, and have had their homes and their sources of food and water destroyed. This is just the most recent environmental tragedy in a long line of preventable, man-made disasters that have been created on tribal property, which neither the governments or corporations should have any claim to.

Released…. With A Strong Reprimand

After a standoff lasting over a day, the tribal occupiers struck a deal with local authorities to release the hostages.

Reuters reported that Petroperu struck a deal with chiefs of the tribe that includes bringing electrical and telephone coverage to the community and helping develop local businesses.

Tribal Leader Of The Ecuadorian Amazon Rain forest Speaks Out To Connect Our Two Worlds

The video you are about to watch is unprecedented in our world.  For the first time, the tribal leaders are coming out of their world within the amazon rain forest to speak for the sanctity of keeping the rain forest alive… for the sake of the people and the planet.  Listen to his knowledge of the infinite necessity of keeping the rain forest a pure eco-system and functioning resource for our continued existence.

Stop the destruction of Manari Ushigua’s home in the Ecuadorian Amazon rainforest with a donation to Pachamama Alliance today: www.pachamama.org/donate

725c5cfc947ab01314e0096081a1e3eeIt is easy to sympathize with these tribes who have had their land and resources not only stolen, but polluted by a government that they never chose, and the corporations that are in bed with that government.

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