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The End of Fossil Fuels is Here — The New Life

In case you’ve missed it, we’ve transitioned into a new era. People keep talking about an oil rebound — When is it going to come? How big is it going to be? by Jason Simpkins Well, let me save you some time: It doesn’t matter. Oil is over. I’m calling it, just like I did coal years ago. Renewables are the game now — especially solar and wind power. While the coal, gas, and oil industries have been crashing these past few years, solar and wind have been soaring to new heights. Demand is blowing up since they’ve cut costs. And they’re shattering investment records, as money pours in and governments lend their support. Clean energy is now seeing… Read More

Renewables XIII – One of Wind’s Hidden Costs

In earlier articles we looked at wind power, what it costs, what it does to the grid, and what to do when the wind is not blowing. Now a frequent comment – which conceals more than it reveals – is: “the wind always blows somewhere”. This is true – if you have lots of wind farms that are geographically dispersed you do average out your peaks and troughs, and you do also reduce the % change hour by hour. However, if you have 20% of your average power coming from wind, then on one given day it might be 60% of your requirements, yet the next day it might be 0.3%. This means that sometimes you are “winding back” your conventional generation,… Read More

Denmark Just Produced 140% of Its Electricity Needs via Wind Power

On Thursday, high winds allowed Denmark to meet all of its electricity needs, with plenty to spare for neighboring countries. On a particularly windy day (last Thursday), the country of Denmark was able to meet its domestic electricity demand and even export power to Norway, Germany, and Sweden thanks to its wind farms. As The Guardian reports, Denmark found itself producing 116% of its national electricity needs from wind turbines, and by 3 AM the next morning (Friday), when electricity demand dropped, the figure had risen to 140%. 80% of the power surplus was shared equally between Germany and Norway, which can store it in hydropower systems for later use. Lucky Sweden received the remaining fifth of excess power.… Read More

California Misses Opportunity to Swap a Full Nuclear Plant for Clean Energy

Sierra Martinez, Legal Director, California Energy Projects, San Francisco Ever since California’s giant nuclear plant shut down two years ago due to malfunctions and poor economics of revival, state regulators and politicians have been wrestling with the question of: How much clean energy can we use to replace that old nuclear plant? Unfortunately, a decision issued today indicates the answer will be: Not as much as those breathing the polluted air in Southern California need. Earlier this year, the state commission that deals with this exact issue released a plan showing that potentially the whole San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station could be changed out and replaced with clean energy alternatives – like the pollution-free energy from solar panels or wind… Read More

The Economic Benefits of Renewable Energy Far Outweigh the Costs for Chile

Amanda Maxwell, Latin America Advocate, Washington, DC The future of renewable energy looks bright in Latin America.  Almost every week news stories report on new renewable energy projects in countries throughout South and Central America. The Inter-American Development Bank  reported earlier this year that the region’s electric potential from geothermal, wind, ocean, biomass and solar resources is 22 times greater than the expected electricity demand in 2050. Few countries have seen as much of a renewable energy boom in recent years as Chile. When I last traveled to Santiago in September for the Chilean International Renewable Energy Congress, I was surprised at how the number of attendees had grown since last year, as well as the variety of companies,… Read More