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We don’t need bee-killing pesticides to feed the world

For decades, agro-chemical corporations like Bayer have been trying to convince us that we need bee-killing neonicotinoids, and that humans simply can’t feed ourselves without them. A scathing UN report just called that story a complete “myth.” This report on pesticides is a bombshell. Its expert authors say in no uncertain terms: the “myth” that humans need any pesticides — not just neonics — to feed the world is being spread by the “unethical” practices of global corporations who consistently deny the science showing the harms of using these toxins to grow our food. According to the UN experts, science confirms that pesticides are likely making us sick. What’s more, corporations know this but do nothing about it. They… Read More

Video: Pesticides Are Killing The Global Bee Population: They’re Almost All Gone

It’s been pretty big news for quite a few years now, the Honey Bee population has been dying off in very large numbers. At first the cause wasn’t so clear as it could have been for a number of reasons from environmental toxins to environmental changes. But evidence that has been coming forward over the past couple of years has made it clear what the problem is. Pesticides. A large body of evidence, outlined below, illustrates the clear link between pesticide use and the decline in honey bee’s around the globe. The video below was made as part of Greenpeace UK’s campaign to protect honeybees from the negative effects of pesticides. The video is a response to the millions and… Read More

What Bayer Won’t Tell You About Why Bees Are Dying

Peter Lehner, Executive Director, New York City I stepped off the train at Grand Central last Thursday, along with tens of thousands of other commuters, and ran right into a lavish display from Bayer, the giant chemical company. Part of the glitzy setup, which took up a good bit of valuable Manhattan real estate, was devoted to bees: how important bees are to agriculture, and how Bayer is helping protect our precious pollinators. I picked up some cute bee-friendly swag–a little toy stuffed bee (conscientiously tagged as not suitable for children under 5), a bee pen, and some beautifully designed informational literature on bee care. The literature failed to mention one crucial fact: Bayer makes pesticides that kill bees.… Read More