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Harper’s Government Helping Canadian Mining Companies Plunder Africa’s Resources

Canadian policy in Africa can be summed up in nine words: Do what is good for Canadian-owned mining companies. Despite rhetoric about aid to the poorest people in the world, the Harper Conservatives have worked assiduously to ensure that Canadian corporations profit from Africa’s vast mineral resources. Even widespread criticism of their operations has failed to dampen the Conservatives’ support for Canada’s many mining interests in Africa. Canadian mining companies have been accused of bribing officials, evading taxes, dispossessing farmers, displacing communities, employing forced labour, devastating eco-systems and spurring human rights violations. But, more important than the specific instances of abuse, which I detail in my forthcoming Canada in Africa — 300 years of Aid and Exploitation, the mining… Read More

Corporation raiding Algonquin territory for minerals, selling to Toyota for Prius battery production

By Claire Stewart-Kanigan / The Dominion “Eco-consciousness” and “green living” are centrepieces of product branding for the Toyota Prius. But that feel-good packaging has rapidly worn thin for members of the Algonquin Nation and residents of Kipawa, Quebec, who are now fighting to protect traditional Algonquin territory from devastation in the name of hybrid car battery production. In 2011, after nearly two years of negotiations, Matamec Explorations, a Quebec-based junior mining exploration company, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Toyotsu Rare Earth Canada (TRECan), a Canadian subsidiary of Japan-based Toyota Tsusho Corporation. The memorandum confirmed Matamec’s intention to become “one of the first heavy rare earths producers outside of China.” In pursuit of this role, the company plans to build an open-pit Heavy Rare Earth… Read More

Coal seam gas opponents want Santos to come clean on waste water

Mining giant has approval for eight wells in New South Wales, but environmentalists say plans to protect water are unclear Mining giant Santos must “come clean” on its plans to deal with millions of litres of waste water it will produce at new coal seam gas wells, New South Wales environmentalists say. The NSW government last month gave Santos approval for eight new CSG wells in the Pilliga forest, in the state’s north-west, provided the mining company meets strict environmental conditions. Santos also received approval for stage one of its water management plan. The Wilderness Society says the company’s management plan is not clear, and Santos has repeatedly changed tack on how it will treat millions of litres of… Read More

Max Wilbert: Steel Production in Perspective: A Global Warming Analysis

By Max Wilbert / Deep Green Resistance Great Basin While global warming is a topic of conversation and news coverage every day around the world,‭ ‬the basic raw materials that drive the global economy are rarely discussed as being involved.‭ ‬But these materials play a key role in global environmental issues. Where do plastics come from‭? ‬How is paint made‭? ‬How do simple electronics,‭ ‬like land line telephones,‭ ‬come to be‭? ‬How does the electric grid itself come to be‭? ‬And in a world that is being wracked by warming,‭ ‬how do these basic industrial technologies impact the climate‭? This will be the first article in a series exploring these questions and more.‭ ‬This inaugural piece will focus on… Read More