What About Pollution

What are YOU going to Do!

‘Light Pollution’

The Paris Climate Accord is GENOCIDE Against Plants, Forests and All Life on Our Planet

The primary goal of the Paris Climate Accord — the reduction of atmospheric carbon dioxide — is nothing less than genocide against all plant life across our planet. That’s because all plants depend on CO2 for their very survival. It’s the “oxygen” for plants, and right now trees, grasses and food crops are starving for CO2 because it sits at nearly the lowest level it has ever been in the history of the Earth (barely above 400 ppm now, when it used to be over 7,000 ppm in the past). Humans attempting to eliminate CO2 from the atmosphere is equivalent to some evil, fictional “plant demon” attempting to eliminate oxygen from the atmosphere, causing the mass asphyxiation of the… Read More

Light Pollution

Do you remember going out side and seeing the stars, not just a few, but seeing the Milky Way and being able to see outside without the lights on. Lights from the brightness of the sky. Now a days you see a few stars and a couple of planets and we are  all happy  and content. While others are lucky if they can see the moon. We are now missing up animals, birds, insects and who knows what else. For this insane aggression to rush towards some unknown prize. So we can have it now. All NOW, NOW, NOW! Remember Patience Hummmm Another story or 3 there? You know the story. Buckle up and lets let the roller coaster go! First Stop… Read More