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‘Sign Pollution’

Sign Pollution

What is Sign Pollution? We have all seen it. Sometimes we become numb because of all the signs. They put them every where, selling and buying and sometimes who really knows.  Then during the political process they are never ending. hey say texting is bad, but what about distraction of trying to read all the signs. Great Clips Sign Pollution http://www.chrisreimer.com11/19/12 Great Clips Sign Pollution. Posted on November 19, 2012 // Leave a Comment. Yikes. Think they’re open? (Sorry the pic is kind of hazy. Click to open a higher res version). Photo. Filed Under: Humor and Silliness, Marketing // Tagged: Great … Sign pollution… « Dirty Rat Rods http://dirtyratrods.wordpress.com1/20/13 Patina, hoodride! wp.me/pPfHJ-hd 6 days ago; Sign pollution… wp.me/pPfHJ-hb… Read More