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Indoor Air Pollution Prevention and Protection

Breathing in polluted air introduces toxins into every cell of the body within moments. Indoor air in the United States can be up to 100 times more polluted than the air outdoors. Understanding air pollution and its effects on the human body is the first step to making choices that will help people lead healthier lives. Imagine living in a home filled with clean air, so much so that it reduces some of the recurring symptoms related to air pollution: Wheezing Sneezing Congestion Fatigue Coughing Itchy nose or skin Watery or dry eyes Here’s one indisputable fact: Human beings need oxygen to live. Oxygen is what keeps all of our organs functioning so the quality of what we breath… Read More

Effects Of Pesticides

If it has the suffix –cide in it, then you know it’s meant to kill something. Pesticides are designed to kill insects, fungus, bacteria and other things that feed on crops, are vectors for disease, nuisances, and things that destroy property. Farming is big business and some farming companies are bottom-line driven, in business to make money at any cost. Pesticides and genetically modified organisms are a way to ensure they get the crop yield they demand, no matter how it hurts the environment or the consumers. Two types of pesticides are biological and chemical. Biological pesticides can be developed using fungi, bacteria, and other organically present substances. Some biological pesticides are microorganisms that, without any manipulation, demonstrate natural… Read More

Humans Have Thrown “Away” So Much Plastic Into Oceans That We Are Now Eating It

Humans have disposed of so much plastic in the ocean that they are now eating plastic particles in seafood. A recent study revealed that there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish by 2050, but an even more disturbing study has found that the amount of plastic disposed of by humans and put in the ocean is so massive that the plastic is currently being eaten by humans. It’s no secret that the buildup of plastic in our oceans is increasing daily, but the impact it is having on our ecosystem and on humans remains unknown or ignored by humans regularly. The size of the situation is often difficult to face when life with disposable plastic is… Read More

Burden of the Boom: Who Will Pay the Price for Fracking in California?

Miriam Rotkin-Ellman, Scientist, San Francisco From polluted skies to contaminated drinking water and hazardous waste, communities of color in California get way more than their fair share.  If the oil and gas industry gets their way, drilling – and the environmental and health threats from fracking, acidizing, and other technologies – will be piled onto communities already staggering under smoggy skies and unsafe water. In our new analysis of the more than 84,000 oil and gas wells in California, we found that 5.4 million people live within a mile of one or more of these wells. And more than a third (or 1.8 million) also live in communities ranked as the most threatened by pollution by the California Environmental… Read More

New Study: America’s Data Centers Consuming — and Wasting — Growing Amounts of Energy

Pierre Delforge, Director, High Tech Sector Energy Efficiency, San Francisco All of our online activity — including email, internet use, social media, and conducting business — is delivered through nearly 3 million data centers across America, from small closets and larger server rooms, to mammoth “cloud” server farms. Their explosive growth is gulping huge amounts of energy, and despite some efficiency improvements much of it is still wasted. Although well-known internet brands like Apple, Facebook, Google and others rightly pride themselves on the ultra-high efficiency of their immense data centers delivering search, social networking and other digital services to consumers and businesses alike, according to a new report from NRDC and Anthesis, these cloud server farms are responsible for… Read More

Arsenic Pollution Has Decimated This Village In China And Cursed The Population With Cancer [PHOTOS]

HESHAN China (Reuters) – Xiong Demin could not have foreseen that the mine he worked at for 32 years would leave his home village poisoned and hundreds of residents, including himself and his wife, stricken with cancer. The 71-year-old retired mechanic and his wife, Wen Jin’e, both suffer from cancer, which they blame on arsenic pollution left by the mining and processing of realgar, also known as “ruby sulphur”, near Heshan village in Hunan province. “She and I wake up every day just to await death, there is nothing we can do, there is no hope,” said Xiong, as he lifted his shirt to show skin lesions and warts on his belly, back and legs. Arsenic and inorganic arsenic compounds, often used for herbicides, wood preservatives and in the metallurgical industry, are… Read More

This New Italian Building Facade Sucks Pollution Right Out Of The Air

As part of the Milan Expo 2015, architecture firm Nemesi & Partners has unveiled its plans to adorn the Palazzo Italia with a facade that’s both beautiful and pragmatic. The pavilion will be covered in a facade resembling a petrified forest and is made from a special cement that can purify smog. When the sun shines on the material, it captures specific pollutants and turns them into innocuous salts, effectively cleaning the air while still looking futuristic and slick. 80% of the facade is made from recycled material and it will stretch nearly 100,000 sq. ft., requiring roughly 2,200 tons of cement. The rest of the pavilian will also have special roof that generates solar energy during the day.… Read More